Maharashtra Police Academic Initiative offers a wide range of professionally developed courseware to help our officers enhance and upgrade their knowledge and get used to with new technologies. Our courseware is organized by teaching topics that align with our in-service curricula.

We at Maharashtra Police Academy are working hard into developing different courseware types, very soon we will be introducing you to eLearning material which will include, basic course which will consist of text, graphics and limited interactions with a final test scored on Learning Management System, video course which will play video with the corresponding text and graphics displayed on the side; moderately interactive course which will consist of text, graphics, basic interactions (button clicks, rollover, simulations, etc.), and a few advanced interactions (drag and drop, animations). This course may consist of audio and limited use of videos; highly interactive course which will consist of text, graphics, interactions with complex animations, video, and/or animation.

You must be a participant to download most of these courses. Registration is open to all police officers of the state after proper approval process.