About Us

We are building a Unique Police Education Platform

Maharashtra Police Academy "In-Service Courses" are the best platform to learn anything to enhance our approach towards day to day policing to specialised investigation related to economic offenses or cyber crime. At Maharashtra Police Academy "In-Service Courses", we partner with top quality instructors to deliver quality courses covering almost all the topics in our 18 specially designed courses which includes Cyber Crime Investigation, Crime Scene Investigation, Preventive Action, Crime Conviction, Investigation of Homicide Cases etc...

These courses are designed with an approach that will help our officers step-up in their career, and act as a catalyst to boost their capabilities altogether. We are also transforming police education into new dimension which turn our officers to take it as passion or a hobby. Our in-service courses helps you to discover best courses to align with your learning needs. 


Our Unique Ingredients for our GOAL 

We at Maharashtra Police Academy want to build a truly unique scalable educational platform for police personnel including Dy. Superintendent of Police, Sr. Police Inspectors, Asst. Police Inspectors etc.. to be their most trusted destination for learning. It's a horizon as a vision, but we at Maharashtra Police Academy believe in it. 

We at Maharashtra Police Academy provide every piece of information to you to discover and choose the right course for your learning objective. Our micro site specially designed is such user friendly manner that will help you choose top quality and perfect courses of your interests. Our this dedicated site will automatically inform and keep updating you about the upcoming courses and give restricted access to information for courses that has been already conducted.

We at Maharashtra Police Academy deliver great learning experience as all our courses are taught by passionate professionals, experienced advocates, renowned experts and judges with real world knowledge. We are very serious about achieving the true learning objective.

We are proud to say, we are a becoming advanced learning institute. We are continuously enhancing our learning platform and soon will be building in-house tools and products to improve the quality of learning experience to our learners. We at Maharashtra Police Academy hire smart creative people as we strongly believe great things can be achieved by those who are ready to shoulder big challenges in order to deliver the AWESOME kind of learning experience to our officer base.


    DY. DIRECTOR (OUTDOOR & In-Service)